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Elim Hotel ERP

Elim Hotel Management ERP Software is complete easy to use and customizable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for small and medium size single Hotel. It is designed as simple and user-friendly Hotel ERP software, that all types of users can use easily and with minimum effort. Your complete Hotel business can be easily managed by this single Hotel ERP software. Elim Hotel ERP Software has almost every feature you are looking for; and the added advantage of this ERP software is its flexibility. It can be customized easily to fit the requirements of your Hotel business processes..

With Elim Hotel Management ERP Software, you will save time and resources; thanks to fully centralized processes which brings an all-in-one Hotel Management system with front office, POS Billing, Inventory Management, Financial Accounting, Payroll Management ,Fixed Assets management etc

Elim Hotel ERP Software requires a proper local area network with database server, operating on server operating system. We recommend this system for Hotels with over 20 rooms with one or more POS stations for restaurants, bars or gift-shops with a functional back office department. The system allows for high performance and peace of mind that comes naturally with advance hardware and operating environment.

Elim Hotel ERP Software is designed and developed, as a custom ERP system for the hotel industry with the following features / functions:
 Room Management
 Front Office Management & Reservation
 Point Of Sales (Multiple Bar & Restaurant)
 Banquet & Event Management
 Housekeeping & laundry Management
 Shift Management
 Guest/Company Receivables Management
 Inventory, Store & Purchasing
 Finance & Accounting
 Fixed Assets Management
 Staff and Payroll Management
 Budgeting & Planning
 Club membership Management
 Operations/Maintenance Management
 Spa and Saloon Management
 Customer Relationship Management
 Reports (Module Wise Reports provided)
 Audit Trial Report
 Keyless Entry/Door Lock Systems