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Partner with Us

HOTEL ERP is a superior software compared to any other available today,,in the hospitality industry. It is feature-rich, powerful, easy to implement and use, and very robust.

If you are a vendor of hardware or software, a system integrator, or a professional who has businesses as clients, we invite you to sell HOTEL ERP.

The reason is that, HOTEL ERP offers a unique and valuable opportunity to you to make your clients happy, and to maximise your profits.

As a vendor, you can take advantage of any of our underlisted partnership programs. There are promises of high returns/commission.

Just Sell. No Support

You may just sell the software and earn commission. Wings can take care of implementation and support. You can easily make huge profits out of selling Wings without bothering about services. Your clients will get first rate support

Sell And Support

You may have trained people to offer implementation and support services. If so, you may sell Wings and also offer services. You earn commission from Wings on the sale price and charge the customer separately for services.

High Commission

Wings offer very attractive commission to you to make the partnership very profitable.

Training & Marketing

Wings shall train you on the software as required and also offer the required marketing material.