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Elim Premium ERP

{MULTI-LOCATION HOTEL - Single Property + Multiple Branches Centralized Management Software}
Elim Premium Hotel ERP Software is designed and developed, as a custom ERP system for the management of a Single property/Hotel that has multiple branches in different locations. It offers the latest concept in Multi Branch hotel management system that puts hotel chains on the top of the world standards of hotel technology and operations. The concept is base on the idea of centralizing information and computer resources in order to improve significant selling processes and the control over all processes run in the hotels.

Elim Premium Hotel ERP Software Is Manages Properties/Hotels Spread Across Multiple Locations/Branches
Data is critical for you to take decision. You need data from across the Hotel branches or locations; you need to know what is happening where. Elim Premium Hotel ERP Software offers great value when deployed as an cloud or on-premise system integrating locations: It is a smart rich client hotel management software application that will give you excellent look & feel, which normally you will never get in traditional regular web applications. We try to maintain same look & feel what you have experience for your regular desktop software but we also maintain cloud architecture so you get 100% mobility on all operating systems. .

  • Easy information flow between branches, locations, departments and teams
  • Data of multiple branches automatically and instantly consolidated
  • Instant company-wide reports and analysis
  • Automatic execution of transactions between branches. Examples:
    • inventory in one branch delivered to fulfil orders in another branch
    • orders received in one branch executed by another branch
    • amounts receivable in one branch collected in another branch
  • A single chart of accounts, product list, price list at the head office. All branches use the same lists.
  • Branch or location-wise data segregation, so that users of a branch do not have access to data of other branches.
  • Tight security by role-based users rights and privileges to access specific parts of the software.
  • Manage software and systems only at central server, achieving huge reduction in costs.
  • Elim Premium Hotel ERP Software is Online and Offline Cloud Hybrid Hotel Management System
    Elim Premium Hotel ERP Software is designed to work as Online and Offline Cloud Hybrid Hotel Management Software. It works Online when there is internet connectivity with Data merging directly to the Central Server. It works Offline when there is not internet but a transaction sinks to the Central Server when there is internet connectivity. It is exceptionally fast hotel software as compare to traditional web base application available in market. Our Web Server/Online Solutions is always up-to-date and available from anywhere provided the software instance is installed in the computer.

    Elim Premium Hotel ERP Software automates your Front and Back office activities
    It is complete easy-to-use and customizable Hotel Management software for group/chain hotel business. The Group Hotel Management software is developed for Microsoft Windows operating system with the following modules.

  • Room Management
  • Front Office Management & Reservation
  • F & B Management (Multiple)
  • Banquet & Event Management
  • Housekeeping & laundry Management
  • Shift Management
  • Guest/Company Receivables Management
  • Inventory, Store & Purchasing
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Staff and Payroll Management
  • Budgeting & Planning
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Reports (Module Wise Reports provided)
  • Audit Trial Report
  • Keyless Entry/Door Lock Systems